Course Topics

Welcome to Learn Chinese Cairns

Our long term Chinese courses cover a variety of topics:

Topic 1: Tones – Get it RIGHT at the start and you are half way there!

Topic 2: Basic Characters – Is Chinese characters really hard? How about effortlessly recognising more than ten characters in your first lesson?

Topic 3: Culture awareness

Topic 4: Greetings, introducint oneself

Topic 5: Family members and friends

Topic 6: Describing people and objects

Topic 7: Numbers, talking about money and time

Topic 8: Shopping and Bargaining

Topic 9: Navigation, Directions and Locations

Topic 10: Using public transports

Topic 11: Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes.

Topic 12: Food and Drinks

Topic 13: Ording a meal, book a hotel

Topic 14: Making comments and appointments

Topic 15: Making requests, asking for permissions and offering voluntary work.

Topic 16: Celebrating Chinese Festivals.

Topic 17: Seeing a doctor

Topic 18: Writing letters (personal and business)

and a lot more…

We will organise reviewing sessions in each lesson and adjust speed according to your learning pace to ensure high quality learning.

Learn Chinese in Cairns today!