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9/02/2013 My Learning Club is helping out the Cairns Chinese Association on Grafton Street for the Chinese New Year Parade.

7/02/2013 My Learning Club is sponsoring the Chinese New Year Celebration at St Andrew’s Catholic College.

6/12/2012 My Learning Club is sponsoring local charity (givesmiles) fund raising event.

30/10/2012 My Learning Club is on Cairns Post.

22/10/2012 My Learning Club is the Gold Sponsor of Nie Post-Ed, the Cairns Post.

27/09/2012 My Learning Club Blog Site – Learn Chinese Cairns is set up. Please feel free to comment on our blogs. Your feedback and recommendations are deeply appreciated.

24/09/2012 Our physical classroom is available on Bunda Street, Cairns. Google Map is located in “About Us”.

23/09/2012 RSS Feeds from Cairns Local News enabled. Read local news from

22/09/2012 MyLearningClub online conference room has been running in our virtual classroom. Now it is enabled from our main site. Anybody with a password can join our online meeting now.

15/09/2012 My Learning Club joined Google +1. All URL’s are updated.

30/08/2012 My Learning Club PTY LTD has become a member of Tropical Tourism North Queensland (TTNQ).

08/08/2012 My Learning Club P/L bank account set up. All future transfer will go via the new bank account.

17/07/2012 Family course packages are available for Chinese.

14/07/2012 MyLearningClub Photo Gallery are available on our main site.

25/06/2012 MyLearningClub staff members at FM89.1 Radio Station.

30/05/2012 Second lot of language education resources has arrived. Please visit our online shop and purchase your resources.

04/05/2012 MyLearningClub joined Twitter. Please follow us on

02/05/2012 My Learning Club FREE Promotion for FNQ local business open. Advertisement will appear in Chinese in our China site. Please contact for details.

25/04/2012 MyLearningClub Online Shop now supports PayPal and credit card payment.

20/04/2012 My Learning Club YouTube channel is open. Our seminar video selections are uploaded.

12/04/2012 1. My Learning Club Online Shop stock arrived, please visit 2. Free Chinese Cultural & Language Experience Seminar for Business and Tourism Cairns/Port Douglas was successful.

16/03/2012 My Learning Club online shop: First cargo arriving in April. Chinese Teachers’ Forum Australia is inviting teachers of Chinese to join for free. We are going to offer French courses for business and industry.

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