Qing Wen – Bringing Up 以

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Key words and phrases:

: 以这个代替那个。 (Replace this with that.)


: 你以什么理由来说服他? (What reasons are you using to convince him?)


: 以……为…… (to take… as; to take… to consider to be)


: 以人为本。 (People are fundamental.)


: 以……为主 (to take… as important)


: 你是学生,应该以学习为主。 (You are student. You should consider your studies to be important.)


: 接下来的一周以阴天为主。 (Next week it’s going to be cloudy and rainy most of the time.)


: 以……为中心 (to take… as one’s focus)


: 中国以经济建设为中心。 (China is focusing on economic development.)


: 有的父母,有了孩子以后,一切都以孩子为中心。 (After some parents have children, everything is focused on their children.)


: 以……为重 (to take… as important, serious)


: 男人要以事业为重。 (Men want their careers to be the most important.)


: 我以我的工作为重。 (I consider my work to be the most important.)


: 以……为出发点 (to take… as a starting off point)


: 我们应该以客户需求为出发点,这样才能做出符合客户要求的产品。 (We should take customer demands as a starting off point. This is the only way that we can make products that meet our customer’s needs.)


: 以……为榜样 (to take… as a model)


: 我们要以雷锋为榜样。 (We need to take Lei Feng as a model.)


: 如果你很喜欢篮球,可能会以姚明为榜样。 (If you like basketball, maybe you have Yao Ming as a model.)


: 以……为美 (to take something as beautiful)


: 审美观 (aesthetic standards, what’s seen as beautiful)


: 中国是以大眼睛为美。 (China considers big eyes to be beautiful.)


: 以白皮肤为美。 (It considers white skin to be beautiful.)


: 以双眼皮为美。 (It considers double-fold eyelids to be beautiful.)


: 单眼皮 (single-fold eyelids)


: 以瘦为美。 (It considers being skinny to be beautiful.)


: 在很久以前的唐朝,是以胖为美。 (A long time ago in the Tang Dynasty, being fat was considered beautiful.)


: 以……为荣 (to take… as honorable)


: 以……为耻 (to take… as shameful)


: 以关心老婆为荣,以忽视老婆为耻。 (Paying attention to one’s wife is honorable; ignoring one’s wife is shameful.)


: 以做家务为荣,以睡懒觉为耻。 (Doing house work is honorable; taking naps is shameful.)


: 以……为特色 (to take… as special)


: 以……为标准 (to take… as standard)


: 民以食为天。 (Everyone’s got to eat.)


: 物以稀为贵。 (The more rare something is, the more valuable it is.)

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