Lesson 13 – Chinese Pinyin

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Today we are going to the real business. We are offering you the “holy grail” for speaking Chinese. As you know, Chinese is a tonal language, getting the tones right is the key to success! Listen to the basic sounds and make sure you say it EXACTLY the same as the recording. Once you get the hang of all the pinyin symbols, you will be able to say all the Chinese words (with pinyin on them). Enjoy your new learning experience.

Unit 1 the Basics 01 – Read the following pinyin:

ā     á     ǎ    à

ō     ó    ǒ     ò

ē     é    ě     è

ī     í    ǐ     ì

ū     ú     ǔ    ù

ǖ     ǘ    ǚ    ǜ

Learn Chinese in Cairns today!
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