KTV Time – The Dead Continue to Love

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CHORUS:   死了都要爱 

       (The dead continue to love)

:   不淋漓尽致不痛快 

       (Never completely satisfied)

:   感情多深只有这样 

       (No matter how deep their love was before)

:   才足够表白 

       (It’s the only way they can be redeemed)

:   死了都要爱 

       (The dead continue to love)

:   不哭到微笑不痛快 

       (Even if you cry until you smile)

:   宇宙毁灭心还在 

       (The universe may perish, but the heart lives on)


VERSE:   把每天当成是末日来相爱 

       (Love as if every day were your last)

:   一分一秒都美到泪水掉下来 

       (Every minute, every second is so beautiful it makes tears fall from your eyes)

:   不理会别人是看好或看坏 

       (Don’t care about the approval or disapproval of others)

:   只要你勇敢跟我来 

       (As long as you have the courage to come with me)


BRIDGE:   爱不用刻意安排 

       (Love – there’s no use planning for it)

:   凭感觉去亲吻相拥就会很愉快 

       (No matter how you feel, kiss and embrace each other, then you’ll be happy)

:   享受现在别一开怀就怕受伤害 

       (Enjoy the moment; don’t worry about opening yourself up and being hurt)

:   许多奇迹我们相信才会存在 

       (It’s the only way that we can believe that this miracle will continue to exist)

CHORUS:   穷途末路都要爱 

       (Those at the end of their lives continue to love)

:   不极度浪漫不痛快 

       (Even if their romance is no longer enough)

:   发会雪白土会掩埋 

       (Their hair turns grey; the earth will engulf them)

:   思念不腐坏 

       (Their longing will not decay)

:   到绝路都要爱 

       (Those at the end continue to love)

:   不天荒地老不痛快 

       (Past the end of time)

:   不怕热爱变火海 

       (Don’t fear that the passion of love will become a sea of fire)

:   爱到沸腾才精彩 

       (Love passionately until one is full of wonder)

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