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:   后来 

       (Later on)

:   我总算学会了如何去爱 

       (I finally learned how to love)

:   可惜你早已远去 

       (But unfortunately you were already far away)

:   消失在人海 

       (Lost in the crowd)

:   后来 

       (Later on)

:   终于在眼泪中明白 

       (Through the tears in my eyes I finally understood)

:   有些人一旦错过就不在 

       (Once some people are gone, they’re gone for good)

:   栀子花白花瓣 

       (Jasmine flowers, their white petals)

:   落在我蓝色百褶裙上 

       (Fall on my blue pleated skirt)

:   爱你你轻声说 

       (I love you, you say softly)

:   我低下头闻见一阵芬芳 

       (I lower my head and smell their fragrance)

:   那个永恒的夜晚 

       (That unforgettable night)

:   十七岁仲夏 

       (Summer when I was seventeen)

:   你吻我的那个夜晚 

       (That night when you kissed me)

:   让我往后的时光 

       (Ever since that night)

:   每当有感叹 

       (Whenever I sigh)

:   总想起当天的星光 

       (I always think of starlight on that night)

:   那时候的爱情 

       (Love at that time)

:   为什么就能那样简单 

       (Why was it so simple)

:   而又是为什么人年少时 

       (And why when people are young)

:   一定要让深爱的人受伤 

       (Do they have to hurt the ones they love so deeply)

:   在这相似的深夜里 

       (In this same dark night)

:   你是否一样 

       (Do you feel the same)

:   也在静静追悔感伤 

       (Also silently regretting your sorrows?)

:   如果当时我们能不那么倔强 

       (If we weren’t so stubborn at that time)

:   现在也不那么遗憾 

       (Then now we wouldn’t be so regretful)

:   你都如何回忆我 

       (However you remember me)

:   带着笑或是很沉默 

       (Whether you’re laughing or silent)

:   这些年来有没有人能让你不寂寞 

       (These years will come whether or not you have someone to keep you from being lonely)

:   永远不会再重来 

       (It will never happen again)

:   有一个男孩爱着那个女孩 

       (That some guy loves that girl)

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