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Verse:   一生要走多远的路程 

       (In my life, how far will I walk down this road?)


:   经过多少年才能走到终点 

       (How many years will I go through? Until I reach the end?)


:   梦想需要多久的时间 

       (How much time will I need?)


:   多少血和泪才能慢慢实现 

       (How much blood? How many tears? Until my dreams are slowly realized?)


Bridge:   天地间任我展翅高飞 

       (The world is wide enough for me to soar)


:   谁说那是天真的预言 

       (Who says it’s just foolish thinking?)


Chorus:   风中挥舞狂乱的双手 

       (In the wind, I brandish my two hands passionately)


:   写下灿烂的诗篇 

       (Writing magnificent poetry)


:   不管有多么疲倦 

       (Regardless of how tired I am)


:   潮来潮往世界多变迁 

       (The world is full of change rising and falling)


:   迎接光辉岁月 

       (Welcoming a glorious age)


:   为它一生奉献 

       (To which I devote my entire life)

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