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After years of updating and improving our site and mobile apps, ChinesePod has become rather action-packed in terms of features go. That is why we thought you might need a refresher on some features you either have forgotten, or may not even have used before. Here are 5 useful tools to get re-acquainted with to make your Chinese learning easier and more enjoyable! You can try out these features now by clicking on the title links below.

  1. ChinesePod Tests
    Stuck on where to start, or want a heads up on where your Chinese is at? There are 2 great tests (the placement test and level test) on the website that you can take at any time. The great news is that these are also free for new users, so you can get a good understanding of where to begin before you start listening to lessons.
  2. Downloadable Pinyin Chart
    This applies to mostly new users, but our pinyin chart, complete with built-in audio, can help loads in terms of pronunciation (a definite must-use for all you newbies out there). If you are just starting with ChinesePod, this should be one of your first stops.
  3. Simplified and Traditional Settings
    Did you know you can learn both Traditional and Simplified characters with ChinesePod? To switch your preferred character settings, click on the small gray cog-wheel to the upper right hand corner of any lesson page.
  4. Self-Study Filter
    Self-Study getting cluttered? You can filter this section by level or show by clicking on the “filter” link just below your self-study tab on the homepage dashboard.
  5. iTunes Feed
    Want your lessons directly imported into iTunes? Then be sure to take advantage of your feed and copy and paste your URL feed address into iTunes. Click here for a more in-depth tutorial on the feed settings page.

So that’s it – a refresher on some features that you may be out of touch with. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us here.

– The ChinesePod Team


ChinesePod Introduces New Speaking Classes!

Our New Speaking Classes will be released starting April 1st (and no, this is not an April Fool’s joke!). With the addition and full integration of the Task feature, students now get more than ever from ChinesePod Classes. With Tasks, students can upload tailored assignments in the form of video, audio, or text documents and later have these reviewed and corrected by their ChinesePod teacher. It is the most comprehensive and valuable feedback you could hope to get from learning Chinese online!

To learn more about what our New Speaking Classes has to offer, be sure to contact a learning consultant today!

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