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Verse:   给你一张过去的CD,听听那时我们的爱情。 

       (I gave you an old CD to listen to our love from that time)


:   有时会突然忘了,我还在爱着你。 

       (Sometimes I suddenly forget that I’m still in love with you)


:   再唱不出那样的歌曲,听到都会红着脸躲避。 

       (That song I could never sing again, hearing it again I’ll blush and hide my face)


:   虽然会经常忘了,我依然爱着你。 

       (Although I often forget it, I’m still in love with you)


Chorus:   因为爱情,不会轻易悲伤, 

       (Love doesn’t let you down gently)


:   所以一切都是幸福的模样。 

       (Since everything seems like it’s perfect)


:   因为爱情,简单地生长, 

       (Because love grows easily)


:   依然随时可以为你疯狂。 

       (I can still be crazy for you at any time)


:   因为爱情,怎么会有沧桑, 

       (Because love has the power to make great changes)


:   所以我们还是年轻的模样。 

       (We seem like we’re still young)


:   因为爱情,在那个地方, 

       (Because love is in that place)


:   依然还有人在那里游荡, 

       (Where those people still wander about)


:   人来人往。 

       (People come and go)

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