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Happy Chinese New Year Poddies! February 10th marked the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, and on this day families from all over China and many other parts of the world came together to celebrate the year of the snake (蛇年shénián). If you have never been in China during the Spring Festival Holidays, it is a rather amazing sight to see. Not only are houses overflowing with food during this special holiday, but outside fireworks (鞭炮-biānpào) blaze, pop, and boom for nights on end (the most active nights being the new years eve and 5th day after the new year). These days, the Spring Festival Holidays last 7 full days (all of which are national public holidays), although traditionally, the new year festivities didn’t end “officially” until 15 days after the new year (but 7 days off is still a nice treat for us working folks!).

To match the new year theme, in this week’s KTV Time, Tom and David share their knowledge on some popular Chinese New Year songs. The key song for this week is “恭喜恭喜” (gōngxǐgōngxǐ), which can be translated as “congratulations”, or “best wishes”. The song was composed by a famous songwriter by the name of 陳歌辛(Chén Gēxīn). If you have a listen to song on this week’s podcast, you’ll notice the melody has a somewhat somber mood. Although this may seem strange considering the lyrics are quite uplifting, it all ties together when you consider the fact that this new year’s song was written around the end of the Second Sino-Japanese war. Thus, the song not only celebrates the start of a new year, but also commemorates the end of a rather painful period in Chinese history.

Check out 恭喜恭喜 here, and be sure to add this new gem to your personal KTV library next time you decide to go out for a sing.


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