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Key Words/Phrases:

:   刺激 

       (exciting, shocking)

:   F1赛车就非常地刺激。 

       (F1 races are really exciting.)

:   拳击比赛很刺激。 

       (Boxing matches are exciting.)

:   我很喜欢坐的过山车,非常地刺激。 

       (I really like to ride roller coasters; they’re really exciting.)

:   打击 

       (a blow, an attack)

:   他的生意失败了,对他的刺激很大。 

       (His business failed and it was a great shock to him.)

:   你生病了,医生一般不让你吃刺激的东西,像辣的,海鲜啊。 

       (You’re sick. Doctors often say you can’t eat stimulating food like spicy food or seafood.)

:   受刺激 

       (to get a shock)

:   我在同学会上受刺激了,因为我的同学都当了大老板。 

       (I got a big shock at the class reunion because my classmates all became big bosses.)

:   冲动 

       (impulsive (personality))

:   年轻人都比较冲动。 

       (Young people are impulsive.)

:   不要冲动,冷静一下。 

       (Don’t be impulsive; calm down.)

:   激动 


:   听到一个很好的消息,我很激动。 

       (Hearing good news, I’m very excited.)

:   我和Connie吵架,很厉害,然后吵到后来,我吵不过她,我很激动,然后我就哭了。 

       (I got into a serious argument with Connie, then I couldn’t argue with her anymore and I got really worked up and then I cried.)

:   兴奋 

       (excited, happy)

:   我第一次看见大海的时候,我非常地兴奋。 

       (The first time I saw the ocean, I was very excited.)

:   每次旅行都很兴奋。 

       (Every time I go traveling I’m very excited.)

:   昨天大家又是唱歌,又是跳舞,又是喝酒,玩得很兴奋。 

       (Yesterday everyone sang and danced and drank, and had an exciting time.)

:   如果你喝酒,或者吃一些什么东西的话,就很兴奋。 

       (If you drink alcohol or if you eat some things, then you’re very happy.)

:   期待 

       (to look forward to)

:   我很期待。 

       (I’m really looking forward to it.)

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