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Key Words

:   营销 


:   营销学 

       (study of marketing)

:   营销方案 

       (marketing plan)

:   营销渠道 

       (marketing channel)

:   市场推广 


:   推广一个产品 

       (to market a product)

:   推广普通话 

       (to popularize Mandarin)

:   宣传 

       (to market, promote)

:   宣传比较像你通过一些材料,信息,或者你说的话,就是这种手段,让别人知道。 

       (“宣传” is like you’re doing it through the use of materials, information or something you’ve said. It’s a kind of method to let other people know about something.)

:   做广告 

       (to make an ad)

:   宣传部 

       (Ministry of Propaganda)

:   市场部 

       (marketing department)

:   销售部 

       (sales department)

:   市场营销 

       (marketing (as a job, career))

:   邮件宣传 

       (email marketing)

:   市场部经理 

       (marketing manager)

:   网络营销 

       (online marketing)

:   传统营销 

       (traditional marketing)

:   市场推广活动 

       (marketing event)

:   中共宣传部 

       (Chinese Communist Ministry of Propaganda)

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