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Since day one, ChinesePod has been focused on practical, engaging audio. Listening has always been a cornerstone, and for obvious reasons. You simply must put in tons of time listening to a foreign language in order to master it, and helpful explanations presented in an accessible way sure don’t hurt either!

Recently John Pasden has created a different kind of learning experience for the iPad, focused much more on visuals and reading. While perhaps not as practical as most ChinesePod lessons, it’s an appealing concept for more visually-oriented learners.


The app comes with several free “books,” which include handwriting samples from a variety of different Chinese college students, as well as audio of their actual voices. (Great for Intermediate learners.)

The app is only available for the iPad, so you can download it from the App Store. Read more about the app on its own blog post, or on John’s personal blog post.

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