KTV Time – Wang Feng & “Beijing Beijing”

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Wang Feng is presently one of China’s most popular male singer-songwriters. His songs are often seen both on Chinese singing game shows and in the KTVs. In this episode of KTV Time, we will introduce this singer and his song “Beijing Beijing”. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave any comments below! Please click here to listen to this song.

Verse 1:   當我走在這裡的每一條街道 
(As I walk along every street here)

(My heart seems like it can never be at peace)

(Except for the roar of engines and the sound of electricity)

(I seem to hear a heartbeat fluttering like a candle)


Verse 2:   咖啡館與廣場有三個街區 
(The three blocks from the coffee shop to the square)

(Are like the distance from these neon lights to the moon)

(In the midst of struggles, the people comfort and embrace each other)

(Searching, pursuing their broken dreams on the verge of death)

Verse 3:   如果有一天我不得不離去 
(If there comes a day that I must leave this place)

(I hope they will bury me here)

(Here I am able to feel that I exist)

(Here there are so many things I long for)


Chorus:   我在這裡歡笑,我在這裡哭泣 
(Here is where I laugh, here is where I cry)

(Here is where I live, and where I die)

(Here is where I pray, here is where I’m lost)

(Here is where I search, here is where I lose)

(Beijing, Beijing) 


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