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Learn Chinese in Cairns Today! Latest Updates: My Learning Club – Learn Chinese Cairns – Lesson 15 – Chinese Pinyin (See Free Lessons for details) In LearnChineseCairns, we offer affordable and flexible Chinese learning courses. All Chinese teachers are registered language teachers and are local. Teachers’ profiles are available on request. Please click Course Details menu above for more information. We also offer translation services for local tourism industry at a very competitive rate. Our Chinese translation team is highly motivated and efficient! Your satisfaction is our first priority! Our Teachers: All our Chinese teachers are QLD registered teachers with current pedagogical knowledge and training. They are also native Chinese speakers with Official  Mandarin Proficiency Qualifications from China. Our Courses: Our business Chinese courses are fully customised to suit your particular needs. We can deliver our courses face to face and online. We have our own online conference system and online classroom. Wherever you are, if you wish to learn, we can help you. You can also just simply use the online classroom as your reviewing platform as you can download all the course materials there, record your own voice to check pronunciation and do self-assessment quizzes. Total flexible learning is only at Learn Chinese Cairns! Our Classes: We guarantee that our small class will be no more than 6 students. This provides you a balanced chance to talk to your teacher and your classmates in the targeting language. For private tutoring and business class, we can come to your place at your convenience. Register your interest of our Chinese courses today. In the “Free Lessons” section (Blogs and Podcasts), you can listen to our free short Chinese lessons. The blogs are updated regularly so you can learn something new every time you come back here. Please leave your comment at our “Free Lessons” section. We value every single customers. If you would like to support us with our free shot lessons, please feel free to click the “Donation” button at bottom right. Thank you and hope to see you in person soon!

Learn Chinese Cairns is owned by My Learning Club Pty Ltd (ABN: 15 159 159 190). We are local people based in Cairns. For details of our business, please visit www.mylearningclub.com.au Thank you.




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